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Dr Pandya has been called "Prodigious" by Sir Christopher Greenwood QC KCMG


As well as working on large international arbitrations and litigation, corporate strategies and multi-billion dollar investment deals, Dr Pandya has done work on Corporate Social Responsibility, including research on preventing child labour and human rights abuses in transnational supply chains of goods and services. He has been a lecturer in the law department at the University of Durham, taught and examined law at the London School of Economics, been a researcher in comparative law at the University of Oxford, a guest lecturer on the Masters in commercial arbitration at King’s College London.

In England and Wales he has worked as the lead lawyer in reported cases that were successful in insolvency law, recovering transactions undervalue for a telecoms multinational, ran a team of lawyers in a successful multi-million pound trial in the High Court in London, removed liquidators of a company for misfeasance in office, achieved midnight injunctions as an advocate in the High Court to save companies from malicious creditors, and worked on multi-billion pound oil and gas arbitrations, as well as sitting as a judge-arbitrator.

He started his career at the age of 21 as a research and drafting assistant to the Rt Hon Lord Justice Sir Stephen Sedley QC on the Court of Appeal, and worked as a research assistant to Lord Mustill and Sir Antony Colman QC. With Sir Richard Plender QC he worked on the detailed cross-examination of Professor Dan Prentice on the scope and limit of the chapter on illegality in Chitty on Contracts for the largest value petroleum claim ever  in US courts.

At 24 years of age he was lecturer and examiner on the Masters in Commercial arbitration at Middlesex University. He has given talks on international commercial arbitration widely, including at the London Court of International Arbitration. His PhD in investment law and investment treaty arbitration was supervised by Sir Christopher Greenwood QC KCMG and examined by Professor Mads Andenas QC, an arbitrator of the World Bank’s ICSID forum. His article on legitimate expectations in investment treaty arbitration is one of the most downloaded, and most frequently cited, in that field.

He also acts as a mental health support officer in the firm for young lawyers, administrative staff and interns.

He is a supporter of the Institute of Economic Affairs of the United Kingdom which promotes free-market liberal economics. He has written two books on business: Avoiding Cash-Flow Turbulence based on Mullins and Churchill's work on cash flow cycles in business and Fed-Up! of being ripped off  about empathy and emotional intelligence in consumer selling. Dr Pandya is a black belt in ITF Tae-Kwon Do having been examined by Grand Master Paul Cutler, and trained by Master Andrew Glasby. He is a certified national level Tae-Kwon Do instructor, examined by Grand Master O'Neill who trains the Special Air Service (SAS) in hand to hand combat. A video of Dr Pandya breaking a brick can be found here.


Mr. James McParland LL. B (Hons)

Mr. James McParland works as a support lawyer at Pandya Arbitration Global. After his law degree James worked as a paralegal on complex commercial claims. He joined Pandya Arbitration Global in 2021 as a Legal Executive. He has experience of working on large multi-million pound disputes involving obligations as a fiduciary and breach of trusts cases.  He has also assisted in collating evidence to draft arbitration awards.

Mr. Andrew Glasby

Mr. Andrew Glasby has run two highly successful businesses in the United Kingdom between 1995 and 2022. He has joined Pandya Arbitration Global as a Fed-UP! Sales trainer and as Senior Business Development Executive. In his spare time he is a Master in ACE Tae Kwon-Do and runs a self-defence seminar for vulnerable adults and kids.

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