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Desperation! Watch out for it in your sales dialogues and recall your Fed-Up! Formula® training.

The key method of drawing out your Fed-Up! Formula® buyer personalities is by using empathy. “The ability to understand and share another’s feelings”. Only with patience and listening carefully to your buyer can you build empathy.

So often, because of the pressure to meet targets or a pushy boss, salespeople rush to the close and the customer feels uncomfortable and consequently the opportunity is lost. Don’t come across as desperate, it will have the absolute opposite effect to that you are looking for. You want the customer to feel comfortable and happy with the process. Do not make the customer feel pressured to buy. Pressure, caused by desperation, is the opposite end of the spectrum from empathy.

Classic examples of this are jumping to the subject of price immediately and then as soon as there is an objection, offering a big discount. Even if you make the sale, it will feel forced and the customer is unlikely to return, having not “enjoyed” the experience. Don’t go in for the big snog on the first date. Play it cool.

Give the customer all the information they need to decide. If you rush to the “close” before you have done this, it may cause resentment and a feeling that they are being harassed into making a quick decision that you may regret later.

Think of the long game. Take your time. The groundwork and effort you invest initially will pay dividends in so many ways. Recommendations to friends and family and future purchases.

The purchase decision often doesn’t happen on the same day, particularly on a large purchase like a car or a kitchen. The customer may be visiting several showrooms and getting quotes and information gathering initially. Make sure you are memorable for not coming across as pushy and desperate. Our research shows that people buy from people they like. It's simply human nature, so be remembered for the right reasons and you will win the day when it comes to the final decision.

Andrew Glasby

Fed-Up! Formula® Master Sales Trainer.

9 December 2022

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