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Top ten You-Tube videos for a quick and effective work out at home.

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

You are amazing. You’re at the top of your game, working long days managing pounds and people. You’re also probably overworked and suffering from physical and mental exhaustion. Despite this you push yourself because you are a driven and motivated person who has their eye on the prize. Exercise is an essential part of your success. In this blog we will give you the tools to keep you at the top of your game – and to push the boundaries further. Take the time to elevate your story, listen, watch, and read to find out how it can be done.

Remember, what you put in is what you get out. It’s also best to get these done first thing in the day. So they are done. As Robin Sharma says the world class people get these done straightaway early in the day.

Home Workouts

Working out at home can be the perfect way to fit in exercise after a long day. With little to no equipment needed it is almost too convenient. It will improve your mood and relationship with loved ones, leaving you in a better position to achieve your dreams of success for your family.

Stretching is an essential part of every workout routine. This video describes the perfect stretches to release the tension build from a day working at the desk, whether that be in the office at work or at home.

This video offers both beginner and advanced workouts to do at home with no equipment. For those interested in starting to add an exercise routine without investing in equipment it is a great way to start.

Dumbbells are a great piece of equipment to begin investing in your at-home gym. With a number of weights available for affordable prices you can begin by following this detailed 20 minute workout to help build strength. Strength and resisting training is an important part of any exercise routine and is a perfect addition to cardio exercise.

Gym Workouts

This video is the perfect introduction to the gym workout. For many the gym can be a daunting environment, however, many now offer extremely affordable monthly payments which can save you the money that would be needed to create an at-home gym.

For those interested in taking their workout routine to the next level this workout is a great place to start. Five times a week can seem a lot for those with a busy routine but this can be fit in if the proper effort is taken.

For many the gym is an extremely intimidating place. Women in particular struggle from this, however, with this great workout routine you can see how the gym is a place for everyone. The workouts are easy to learn and require only 4 workouts a week. They are both manageable and simple!

Office or Hotel Workouts

Strapped for time and stuck at the office or in your hotel? This quick 5 minute routine is the perfect way to get some exercise in when you are stressed and unable to take time to go to the gym. All you need is a surface to exercise on – no equipment necessary!

Struggling to even get away from your desk? With a simple bit of kit, you can work out your arms and upper body with ease. This might seem unnecessary, but the science is undisputed, exercise works. It helps manage stress, improve general health, and boost productivity. A perfect addition to this simple routine is a walk.

Yoga is a great way to spend your exercise time of the day. It can help with flexibility and reduce your propensity for injury. In just five minutes you can reduce the stiffness from a sedentary life spent at the desk. This will be the perfect addition to resistance training and that afternoon walk!

These core exercises can help to stabilise your body and allow you to move in any direction as well as improve your balance. It helps to prevent falls and supports your body. Core exercises are a necessary part of every exercise routine. With these twelve simple exercises you can strengthen your core all from your desk.

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