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The impossible dream is exactly what you should be pursuing- be an entrepreneur not a slave.

Find yourself ever on public transport, wondering where your life is going? Well there might be a simple reason why this happens to you. You don’t write down your goals and check where you are against them every week. Look we only live once.

If you do, and this is still happening, then your goals are not wild enough. Why be wild? Why not be, well, just tame?

You don’t have to change yourself, or what you do. But what if you did? We are, after all, harsh as it seems, all going to the grave. That’s a certainty. Via the cold steel of the morgue, of course. So everyday is precious. Perhaps too precious to think what is going on, to feel unhappy, to feel less than you are having lots of fun all the time.

But here’s a secret. Real happiness isn’t about your happiness. No. What! It’s about what you do to make others happy. That might even be real wealth.

Constant happiness. This is possible. Look at the chains that really shackle you. They are all in your mind. Release them to be free. To contribute and create. Change the world around you.

After all we don’t really want to be stuck with the one we have. Someone is doing the work out there to balance the haters with the lovers. To reduce hate and increase love. They are contributing because somewhere, hundreds of years from now, there is a future were we only love and not hate. In a future where we have peace, and where being unhappy is like a distant dream. Unhappiness will seem far away, like a distant dream. Just like living in caves is for us now. Let’s help them and join in the fun. Let’s create together.

Drop the job, stop being an employee. After all that came from thousand of years of farming, and then factory work. Those days are gone. It’s only a matter of time before we all work for ourselves and contribute to each other directly. In a community of passionate work and love for all.

Take the step, the first biggest step. Learn to dream today.

And if you need help, you only need to email us for it. We will give it for free. So email today:

Dr Abhijit Pandya (PhD).

Founder and CEO

Pandya Arbitration Global

7 November (or Movember, depending on jurisdiction) 2022.

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