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What are the top 5 how to make a business plan videos on YouTube

Writing your business plan maybe one of the most important things when starting your business, or even for developing your already existing business to flesh ideas out. This is even if things change a lot from the planning stage. However, it can be daunting to know where and how to start. So, we’ve created a list of the top five videos on YouTube that you can access to get yourself started on developing a business plan. These our found below. As part of our Youth-Enterprise Pro® consulting product to help start ups, we can brainstorm and provide an hour of support service in developing your business plan for free. Email us at Any way here are the top videos!

5. Writing a Business Plan

This videos serves as a great starting point for absolute beginners. It features a simple cartoon with easy to understand examples and graphics. It reminds the viewer to take note of their style and ease of reading and recommends avoiding excessive jargon and long paragraphs. Instead, it suggests lists, use of headings, and charts to display your business plan to others.

4. How to Write a Business Plan Step by Step + Template | 9 Key Elements

This video by Destiny Adams shows someone who is writing from experience and their expertise in business makes this video worth the watch. Her nine steps include breakdowns of an ownership and management plan, an operating plan, and financial plan much like other videos but a step she includes that is unique to her is an appendix and exhibit section to showcase any product photos, financial charge, or any studies you used to help guide your business plan.

3. How to Write a Business Plan – Entrepreneurship 101

This video by Gillian Perkins creates a great starting point for a business plan and keeps it to a simple six page plan. She gets you to really draw out the absolute key points in the business plan of what your business wants to project to potential customers and really focus on who you want to be as a business. As a successful business owner herself she is informative and helpful. Filling in her online template is a great way to start but may need more refining as you go on to present your business plan to potential investors.

2. How to Write a Business Plan Step by Step in 2021

This is possibly one of the most thorough videos on this list and is packed full of information. This video makes sure you understand what every section of your business plan must include and what it means. It breaks down the types of legal structures you need to choose from and includes the information on marketing strategies to really break down the client you are targeting.

As the title suggests the video breaks down all the steps so they are easy to follow and full of all the information you will need to create your plan

1. How to Write a Business Plan | Start a Business in 10 Steps

Although this is a longer video in comparison to the last this video by Learn with Shopify is still fun and informative. It steps you though ten different points to include and a breakdown of what to put into each one and includes a free downloadable template. It encourages you to check your idea for the business is actually feasible, and to think about your markets and competition before going ahead.

This particular video is excellent at breaking down the first component in a business plan, the executive statement. The most essential part of the executive statement is to include everything there is in your business plan into just a single page to cover everything from your target market to the team you will have. To achieve this it recommends you break down each part into only one or two sentences to keep it relevant and succinct.

Our thanks and happy drafting! As we said above, as a part of our Youth-Enterprise Pro® consulting product to help start ups, we can brainstorm and provide an hour of support service in developing your business plan for free. Email us at Our focus on the support chat is focussed around developing efficient and effective ways to develop your market or penetrate into an existing one to find the ideal customers.

From the Youth-Enterprise Pro® team at Pandya Arbitration Global (PA Global 2021).

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