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Cash-Flo PLUS ®️


Cash-Flo Plus®️ is a fast dispute resolution process to resolve all outstanding debts to a businesses within 4 weeks with no upfront legal costs. 

It is based on the ideas in Dr. Pandya’s book Steady, Predictable Cash-Flo. 


YouthEnterprise PRO®


Youth-Enterprise-Pro® is a consulting product that builds your business for success by providing sales and marketing audits with pivoting strategy. One hour meetings fortnightly with our strategy team. We also liaise with investors where necessary to assist growth.


Dispute Resolution

Ts&Cs-Pro®️ is our entry level dispute resolution avoidance product. It is designed to minimise our client’s exposure to court cases and ensure that debt avoiders and contract breakers don’t abuse our clients.


It analyses your business from lessons learnt from dozens of case studies and produces a comprehensive report that looks at ways fraudsters and contract breakers might take advantage of your commercial operations.


It is designed for companies between 25 to 250 employees.

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Giving&Caring PRO™

CSR Training

Giving&Caring-Pro™ is a Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) training seminar of 90 minutes.


It looks at how your business can contribute as a part of a structured and integrated system of giving, rather than giving based on arbitrary individualised preferences.

It seeks to promote ‘CSR’ as a true method of global economic development towards reducing global poverty.


It is based on work done by our staff in the field of supply chain and child labour governance, human rights and promotion of property protection in transitional economies.


The price is fixed at £3000 per ticket per attendee. 50% of the proceeds are given to a charity called: Charity: Water.

BetterWork PRO

Work-place Improvement & Dispute Resolution

We spend most of our lives at work. At Pandya Arbitration Global we value and believe in the unlimited human potential for good. We understand that the workplace is a key place for growth, opportunity and fulfilment. We don’t believe people should be marginalised at work and we work with employees and employers alike to ensure that this doesn’t happen. This includes improving human resources management, empowering human potential and handling work-place disputes of all sizes.


With over 20 years combined experience in this field we have handled redundancy disputes, to promotion disagreements, and unhappiness at work and dismissal from the viewpoint of both employers and employees. We have advised across industries from haulage company disputes through to investment banking. We specialise in multi-party employment arbitration disputes with our unique arbitration knowledge this puts us ahead of our competitors. We aim for maximum impact with minimal cost without compromise on quality. We would also love to hear from both employers and employees on how work could be improved, and how more people in the economy can enjoy a healthy work life balance between their job, their families and their personal hobbies. 

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